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brighter AI’s Identity Protection Suite (IPS) is the most advanced solution to protect personally identifiable information in image and video data. IPS offers entirely automated anonymization with highest accuracies and highest quality standards. It is the best product for privacy-compliant image and video processing.

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Redact faces and license plates on images

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​License plate redaction currently optimized for EU, US, China​

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99+ % anonymization
Highest security
Seamless integration
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FreeTry it out immediately
for 1 week
  • Instant trial key to use
  • Precision Blur
  • Images and videos
  • Faces and license plates
  • 20 MB file size limit
  • Cloud-based API & UI
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Pay per useRedaction as a service
per 1000 images or 1h video (24fps)
  • Precision Blur
  • Images and videos
  • Faces and license plates
  • Access via API and UI
  • 500 MB file size limit
  • E-mail support
  • Cloud-based

Extras to order:
  • Full body blur
  • Unlimited file size
  • Custom anonymization settings
  • External storage (AWS S3)
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EnterpriseAnonymization for analytics and at scale
Custom pricing
for your individual needs
  • Precision Blur
  • Deep Natural
  • Images, videos, and streams
  • Faces and license plates
  • No file size limits
  • Flexible deployment:Cloud, edge, or on-premise
  • Custom calibration
  • Custom anonymization settings
  • External storage upload (S3)
  • Metadata extraction
  • Dedicated support
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Included in all paid plans

  • On-demand support: We won’t let you alone and typically respond within 24 hours on workdays.
  • No hard usage limits: Your requests will still be served and we will contact you to find an optimal solution.
  • Simple and efficient documentation: Quick-start guides and full API documentation.
  • Processing included (cloud): Our prices include all processing costs.
  • High performance and availability: We use a high-end cloud solution with failure-tolerant infrastructure and dedicated fallback strategies.
  • Secure environment: Our environment is based in Europe, hosted on a secure cloud by MS Azure and the API is TLS encrypted.

Fast and easy integration

Our API is designed by developers for developers:We have worked hard to make our Identity Protection Suite easy and fast to integrate. You can contact our friendly support for further questions.

Absolute privacy:We do not view or store your data. Throughout the entire anonymization process, we comply with the highest data privacy standards (GDPR, CCPA, CSL/PIS, etc.).

Highest security standards:Our API is TLS encrypted. We only process your data in Europe in an isolated and restricted environment on a secure MS Azure cloud.

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AI innovation made in Europe

The Identity Protection Suite is based on cutting-edge artificial intelligence research. In particular, Deep Natural Anonymization is a product innovation that accelerates the digital delivery of data and access to data pools with ‘lossless data privacy’. The product is thus used in future-oriented applications, such as the development of autonomous vehicles or smart cities, and stimulates international AI ecosystems. brighter AI has access to a European AI network to create added value in terms of competitive strategy with partners in video analytics, data labelling and hardware integration.